Hummingbird Planter with Saucer

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Friends with a green thumb always appreciate beautiful garden accessories, and the Stopping By Hummingbird Pot with Saucer from the Dean Crouser Collection is sure to be a hit. Meandering across the lower portion of this ceramic pot is a floral scene with a small hummingbird pausing over a flower, painted in a watercolor style that recalls a hazy, hot summer's day. Accompanying saucer adds to the charm of this cheerful pot and makes this ensemble an ideal choice for planting indoor specimens to brighten up a room, or add color to a porch or balcony. Dean Crouser's nature-inspired watercolor works are informed by his lush surroundings in Oregon and bring the natural beauty of American landscapes home for you to enjoy. Makes a fitting gift for birthdays, anniversaries, thank-you, condolences or as a get well sentiment. Friends or family that enjoy plants will also enjoy receiving this as a surprise when it's least expected.

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